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You may have applications that require uncommonly pure water standards, such as:

  • Biotechnology
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Cosmetics
  • Medical devices
  • Food and beverages

You Need an Ultra-Pure Water Filtration System


Hausers Water Systems sells and services a wide variety of high-purity water systems and components—all of which meet your most stringent water purity standards.

  • Lab Systems:
    • Sales and Service:
      • Aries Laboratory Systems
      • Barnstead
      • Millipore
  • Components:
    • Sales and Service:
      • Ultraviolet disinfection systems
      • High-purity loop sanitization
      • Deionization (automatic and exchange tank)
      • EDI or CDI Systems
      • DI/EDM resin regeneration
      • Temporary and Pilot test systems

Get The Purest Water Possible

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The Most Dependable Brand in the Business

Hausers Water Sells the finest Industrial, Commercial and Pure Water Systems Mfg. by MARLO-INC.

We are Here for You!
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Hausers Water Systems Serves

Commercial, Industrial and Municipalities Anywhere in the United States; and Residents in Eastern Iowa, SW Wisconsin, NW Illinois

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We’ll treat you and your water well.



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