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Some signs of problem water are easily recognizable:

  • Water that smells and tastes bad
  • Water with iron bacteria that stains faucets, plumbing fixtures, and laundry

Other signs are hidden and pose a real threat to your family’s health:

  • Water that’s not safe for infants due to high nitrates
  • Water that’s not safe to drink due to high bacteria

Well water is especially susceptible to these issues.

Get Clear, Healthy, Odor-Free Water

Our water problem systems are customized to treat many water characteristics. We can design a system to treat your family’s needs. Rust, odor, bacteria and nitrates will become a thing of the past. Our WaterCare product line is the latest in technology when treating Problem water.

Ion Pro®

Air Iron Water Filter

Better For Your Home And The Environment

Make unwanted minerals and hardness a thing of the past with the CareSoft Pro® series. This unit employs maximum efficiency while using less water and salt, making it specially designed to suit your lifestyle.

Featuring our patented IQ2 technology, your WaterCare® dealer can tailor your CareSoft Pro® system to meet your household’s specific water needs!

  • Multi-position sequencing
  • No additional chemicals or salt
  • Innovative air chamber and quartz under bedding
  • Patented IQ technology and highly effective filtration media

The Most Dependable Brand in the Business

Hausers Water Sells the finest Industrial, Commercial and Pure Water Systems Mfg. by MARLO-INC.

We are Here for You!
24/7, 365 Days a Year.

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Hausers Water Systems Serves

Commercial, Industrial and Municipalities Anywhere in the United States; and Residents in Eastern Iowa, SW Wisconsin, NW Illinois

How Can We Help You?

Contact us today, we will treat you and your water well!

Our Promise

We’ll treat you and your water well.



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